Jeremy Peltier

"Awaken your mind and body to discover your forgotten abilities."

Spotted at an early age by the world of football, Jérémy Peltier joined the Paris Saint-Germain Training Centre in 1998, a centre of excellence where, like all new football talents, he received a solid sports training. At the end of this training, with his diploma in hand, he began his professional career at PSG as a midfielder. After this experience, Jérémy joined the Sports Training Institute Paul Orsatti in Ajaccio where he obtained his State Certificat as a sports educator. He has never forgotten the words spoken by his trainers at PSG: "You are here to become professional players, but also to be the best sports teachers". Convinced that coaching is not just about physical exercises, Jérémy Peltier has added innovative training to his curriculum: sports and alternative pedagogy, management and psychology. In Switzerland, where he later settled, the young man joined the Fitness International Training School near Geneva and took various modules based on the latest research in nutrition, sport, etc. Since then, Jérémy has been giving personal training sessions to private clients in Switzerland and abroad. He is always keen to pass on his knowledge and experience, but also his love of sport, as he has done with his son who shares his passion for football.